Gutu, Zimbabwe

Ipaishe Masvingise and her family with their food for the week. From left to right:
potatoes (big blue bowl left front), pumpkin, orange drink, white pot of peanut butter, big orange paw paw fruit and (orange) cucumber (white bowl behind the pumpkin), small sweet potatoes (white bowl behind pawpaw), bag of oranges (back left), packet cornflakes (centre back), greens, brown rice (white bowl in front of greens), dried vegetables (green plate), cow peas (white bowl on left of green plate), not sure what the two bowls at front are I’m afraid, maize (blue bowl at front), two packs spaghetti, jam (yellow lid), dried meat (behind jam), groundnuts, tomatoes & packet tomato mix (basket), maize flour (white pot at back next to tomatoes), packet of cremora (powdered milk), packet rice, eggs, wild fruit (just in front of eggs, look like oranges but not), packet soya (between rice and flour), sack flour, sugar beans (green bowl), tub of margerine (metal lid), biscuits/bread (white/pink bowl front right). There’s also a pot with a ladel thing sticking out of it – that’s a maize based drink.

Ipaishe is a Phase 1 farmer. She is just about to harvest her 2nd crop.

Ipaishe: “Now with water I have two crops already, it gives me more than enough food and I can sell the grain to pay for fees, medical bills, pay for help in the fields and even support my extended family who don’t have their own land.”

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